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Use Your Bodyweight to Build Muscle and Lose Fat With the Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training

What is Progressive Overload?
Progressive overload is the very simple concept of continually increasing
the demands you place upon your body in order to stimulate muscle growth.
If you do not continue to increase the work done by your muscles then they
will cease to grow.
If you want to increase muscle size and definition you must continue to
break down your muscles by forcing them to do more work than previously
done. Doing this causes your muscles to adapt and grow, if you choose not
to increase the loads your muscles are undergoing then your muscle has no
reason to grow.
Now the problem with most bodyweight programs is that increasing the
load usually relates to increasing the weight you are using, and as your
bodyweight is not going to massively increase these programs deliver poor
This program is completely different as it delivers progressive overload
without the use of dumbbells, weight machines or barbells. The reason this
program can do this by utilizing two specific types of training – time under
tension and lactic acid training.
What is Time Under Tension Training?
Time under tension or TUT is a very specific type of training that was
popularized by Tim Ferriss in his book, The 4 Hour Body. I won’t go
deeply into the details and science behind how TUT works and will instead
just give a brief overview so that you can understand the concept and how it
is going to help you.
TUT training relates to placing your muscles under stress for a specific
amount of time in order to break them down. The lifting and lowering
phases in TUT are tightly controlled and executed slowly and steadily, this
differs from conventional lifting which generally places the focus on
moving as much weight as possible through the desired motion, with no
regards to lifting cadences.
But what are the benefits of TUT training?
Well, first off by having your muscles be under tension for an extended
period of time the result will be a greatly enhanced metabolic response and
an increase in the release of growth hormone.
Secondly, by strategically increasing the time muscles are under tension you
will be more effectively depleting your muscles glycogen (stored
carbohydrates) levels. This means that during your post-workout feeding
window your muscles will be craving food, especially carbohydrates, in
order to repair themselves and they will rapidly absorb it into your muscles
– this means you can greatly increase muscle growth potential.
The above point also helps link to the next point which is fat loss. As TUT
training places a great strain on muscle fibres it is highly metabolic, this
means you will remain in a metabolic state for a massively increased length
of time after your workout. This means that even when you’re not working
out you are still burning off fat.
With this bodyweight program you will be able to progressively overload
your muscles without the need for gym equipment, instead you will simply
use time.
Strategically increasing the stress your muscles are undergoing means that
you can continue to promote growth by continually overloading your

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